Welcome / Willkommen

cropped-ModisHeader2_11_14.jpgWelcome to my homepage. 

Dry, “clean” and harmonic. Orchestral and electronic music. Welcome to my world of music production.

Willkommen auf meiner Heimseite.

Trocken, rein und harmonisch. Orchestrale und elektronische Musik. Willkommen in meiner Welt der Musikproduktion.

Latest Releases / Neueste Veröffentlichungen

One step ahead - FrontCoverOne step ahead (ein Schritt vorraus) 120 BPM, house, electronic, dance, instrumentalShining - FrontCoverShining (scheinender Glanz) 120 BPM, house, club, chilling house, dance, electronic, instrumental

 Dry Winds - FrontCover

Dry Winds (trockene Winde) 123 BPM, house, dance, pop, techno, instrumental

 Sunrise - FrontCover

Sunrise (Sonnenaufgang) 125 BPM, pop, club, house, dance, electronica, trance, instrumental

 Daylight - FrontCover

Daylight (Tageslicht) 127 BPM, pop, dance, electro, house, party


I recently posted that I work hard on new sounds which is absolutely true. Well, for most people this work isn´t visible, but you will hear it soon. A special deep house remix of the track “Lost in the desert” is close to be finished and the extraordinary track “Deep Night” will be released soon.